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Enduring Faith 2 – Cultural Engagement


We can learn a lot from the influence of the Church in the Roman world. The Church influenced multiple aspects of society. This blog focuses on four main areas, namely – the individual, the family, their communities and their nation. I hope that as Christians we will learn from History and be better informed in order to engage more successfully with those we come in contact with.



Throughout generations, one of the core factors to the rising chaos in our world has been identity crisis. The world is a collection of societies. Societies are made up of individuals/families. Identity crisis occurs when individuals pursue to fit in the mould of the world to satisfy their lack of sense of belonging within these societies. According to social psychologists, the need to belong all boils down to survival. Those suffering from this crisis desperately seek a clearer sense of self and an acceptable role in society. Now, for those of us who are in Christ, we know we have found our everlasting belonging in God. As a result, we can IDENTIFY ourselves with the things of God instead of this lost world.

Overcoming the Struggle to Change.


Quiet often I come across plenty of people who would love to be on fire for God. They ‘believe’ they have the desire to change and they absolutely love God but they struggle to achieve the change. I once was like one of these people, I was thirsty for change. However, for over a year, I failed to realize the chains that kept me imprisoned in my old-self despite my desire to be made and stay new.