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Enduring Faith 2 – Cultural Engagement


We can learn a lot from the influence of the Church in the Roman world. The Church influenced multiple aspects of society. This blog focuses on four main areas, namely – the individual, the family, their communities and their nation. I hope that as Christians we will learn from History and be better informed in order to engage more successfully with those we come in contact with.

Manhood & Singleness.



This blog was written for the encouragement of both single and non-single Christian men as half of the text is concerning manhood which isn’t an issue of single men alone. I believe, the church today is in need of less ‘church boys’ and a lot more ‘men of God’ who are strong enough in their faith to walk as ambassadors of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20) and inspire their youngsters as well as leading women on the path of righteousness rather than distraction.