In the blog titled ‘Re-born Identity’, we established Christ being the Crown that entitles us as Kings and Queens on earth. In this blog, we aim to investigate the place of our Crown (Christ) in our lives. A lot of us live in the hype of our identity in Christ rather than in the fullness thereof. This is likely the result of a lack of understanding of what it means to be a King and a Queen in Christ.

The Crown

A crown is a headgear often made of precious metal and set with gems.  It is worn by a monarch as a symbol of sovereignty. As with everything, there is a specific and appropriate place where a crown belongs; on the head.

The beauty of a crown is as visible as its positioning.

Christ is the Crown of freedom we are called to wear with boldness. So, is your Crown on your head or under your heels? In other words, is Christ really leading your life or yourself? A surrendered Crown reflects an un-surrendered life.

You see, it is one thing to proclaim the Crown and acknowledge its presence and it’s another thing for it to have its rightful place. A lot of us get thrilled about being kings and queens whilst ignoring the insignificance of carrying a title without having the lifestyle. To be kings and queens in Christ means to be true ambassadors of the King who dwells within us.  A true ambassador wears their Crown on their head and nowhere else. They understand their Crown is their glory, pride, and joy. They refuse to lock it up in a box or live above the authority of their Crown. And the proof of their authenticity is in their lifestyle. Beloved, we must always bear in mind, Christ lives in us to display His goodness and reflect His loving heart through us. However, the fulfilment of His desires depends upon our choice to surrender our lives and wear Him as our Crown.

If we look at the queen, she doesn’t have the need to continually remind people of her queenship as her life speaks it for itself. She lives a life of a set-apart individual. She not only knows who she is and her place in the kingdom, but she embraces and honours her crown enough to lead a distinctive lifestyle from other citizens.

Many have their Crown under their heels in pursuit of freedom from Christ whose Lordship they perceive as a form of imprisonment.

Listen, if you think this way, you are missing out on life. Our Crown (Christ) is the very thing that grants us the freedom to live in fullness and fulfil our destiny with ultimate strength and pride in the one who predestined us to live for His glory (Ephesians 2:10). Our Crown is also what grants us authority and power over Satan and his agents. This is like super awesome stuff!

To conclude, the cross purchased our Crown. Therefore, we must wear Christ (our Crown) with great humility and absolute acknowledgement of the price that was paid for it. We must completely lay our lives at the feet of Jesus daily so He may magnify Himself through us. He lives in us to mark our identity in Him, to lead and guide us in the way that we should go. What an honour it is beloved to be called His chosen nation, His ambassadors, His holy people and His own possessions. He is the meaning of our royalty. Christ must take His rightful place in our lives as our glorious Crown to give life to our proclamation of our identity in Him. Otherwise,

We will be nothing more than suits and dresses who are but empty vessels on the inside.


God Loves You, Always & Forever!

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  • Abinet D Tadesse
    January 25, 2017

    God Bless dear Sis!

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